Finished Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

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    1. Romy Rosemary 41 months ago | reply

      If you want my two cents: I think this is the prettiest tattoo I've ever seen. Ever.

    2. Riela Pollie 39 months ago | reply

      Heyy, um..

      I like this picture and would like to have your permission to use that picture as a book cover of my new story. I tried to find others but this is the best one out of all; a girl with a monarch butterfly on her back. Did you know that butterfly is known as 'The Poisonous Butterfly'? :))

      So, I'm going to name my new story that and I have already worked out most of the plot XD

      please email me at and tell me your answer as soon as you get this :))

      Thank you!

    3. Solokill 39 months ago | reply

      shannon..once you post stuff on the web, it gets copied..its an unfortunate form of flatery. your work is good your clients sign a release form correct? maybe have that on the release form. Its not your fault it got copied..
      its monachs..realistic monarchs.
      i did a piece 3 years ago VERY similar..using almost the EAXCT poses and number of butterflies..we think the same apparently..but i know you didnt copy it cause i never posted it. and mine had two zodiAC symbols on the top one. my personal chest piece made by Kore Flatmo was copied by someone exact i guess by someone in europe..shit half the marine people, navy ect have the same tattoos..
      i agree with you, it sucks to be copied but its inevitable..remember when Adam Barton started doing the whole "morph" style tattoos..every one started copying em..then doing their own spin on it..but it first had to be copied to create a style..or all the japanese gets changed alot but its all the same..
      i hope people other tattooers have enough sense to change the could you feel good bout putting the same shit on someone else..ugh...flash shops lol...
      10 years in this now by appointment only..doing what i do, but for many years i tattooed shit off the wall cause clients wanted it..eventually we had to take down certain ones cause too many people picked out the same stuff. bad. how many variations can you do?
      anyways..sorry bout your client..this happens too all of us.
      keep up the good work.

    4. redic. 38 months ago | reply

      maybe if you didn't want people copying this, you shouldn't have it on the internet where millions of people see it as soon as they type "monarch butterfly" into google. you don't even have to write tattoo into the search box, & this image is the first one you see almost every single time. you should have been a little smarter about it if you didn't want it copied. & your client should have expected for it to get replicated, its BUTTERFLYS. i personally know about 15 people with a butterfly some where on their body. so should everyone bitch about it? ...come on, lets be realistic.

    5. ElizabethKay22 37 months ago | reply

      I was just wondering if you knew that the top butterfly is actually not a Monarch butterfly? They are all quite realistic looking, but the top butterfly is actually a Viceroy butterfly, which has evolved to look really similar to the Monarch, the main difference being the extra black stripe across the hind wing. If it was intentional, I find that sort of strange. It is a beautiful tattoo, but it bothers me that you didn't bother to research the butterfly a bit more. I love monarch butterflies, but I can't stand how unrealistic most tattoos of them look. And here, they are amazingly realistic, but the top one is not even a Monarch...

    6. Felyne on Flickr 37 months ago | reply

      ElizabethKay22: Shannon actually has in the description "Top Butterfly Is A Viceroy". I will refrain from making a comment about doing research first.

    7. Shannon Archuleta 37 months ago | reply

      Yes, I know, that's why I wrote that in the description and also in tags....

    8. Shannon Archuleta 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Felyne! :)

    9. Shannon Archuleta 37 months ago | reply

      I've been tattooing butterflies on people for 17 years now, and I will continue to do so... I'm not an idiot, I get that butterflies are butterflies and many many people will continue to get them. I am complaining that people are TRACING the photo and using the EXACT placements. They're butterflies! Why can't people draw their own butterflies and place them on in a flattering pattern on their clients? I put each butterfly on separately to fit the body in the best and most flattering way. When someone traces the photo it distorts the butterflies and does not fit the body well. As far as putting photos on the internet, in order for people to see portfolios, it's kind of a must to have it online. It does not mean it's everybody's to have and use, it's there to show you an artists work, to be inspired to get tattooed by that artist, NOT to take that persons art and get it done by someone else. The point is not that it's butterflies (anyone who thinks I'm complaining about people getting butterflies.... Please, really?) it's that people are tracing the photo and copying the exact placement (wrongly, since it was placed to fit her body...) Have your artist draw their own butterflies and have them placed on your body so that it fits. Any GOOD artist should be able to do that...

    10. Shannon Archuleta 37 months ago | reply

      Riela, You'd actually have to get permission from my client, Samantha. I've been trying to contact her myself, with no luck... That's very cool though! Good luck with your story!

    11. Shannon Archuleta 37 months ago | reply

      Solokill, we must have actually been tattooing our similar tattoos at the same time, as I too tattooed that over three years ago.. :) Started it in December 2007. Oh, how I know that people will always take other peoples ideas. Flash is flash, made to be copied, but when it's made for a particular person, it just chaps my hide. A girl asked Jeff Croci to redo the butterfly tattoo for her and he made it his own! He made a point of drawing his own butterflies and placing them on accordingly, and I appreciate it! He's a real artist. I remember my friend, Brian had a full back blackwork tattoo done in the 90's by Alex Binnie, it too was copied over and over, and they too just traced his photo (which was in all the magazines at the time) and of course it totally distorted the art because it curved with his body. It's frustrating but you also just have to laugh at how stupid it is.... And of course there's Elayne Angel, who was the first to get wings on her back, tattooed by Bob Roberts. It has been copied over and over and over. Of course there are lots of different versions, in different styles, no big deal, but people have copied it verbatim and her tattoo is actually trademarked! So, unlike people copying my and other peoples art, people who copy hers can be sued..

      Your work is beautiful, by the way. Take care and you too, keep up the good work!

    12. sherrie 123 37 months ago | reply

      sorry but i seen this tattoo and loved it!!! i just got a mine done a scale smaller on my shoulder awesome.have a tough choice color or black.even black it is so sexy,i love it thank you for sharing!!!

    13. Solokill 37 months ago | reply

      no i know how you feel...i seen so many copied HUGE happens..tattooing=plagerism..we can only hope that most tattooers have the sense to NOT copy other peoples tattoos=] flash is what it is..theres nothing you can do bout that one .clients will always like what they like..and bring what they have to a tattooer to get "it" tattooed. if someone copied me..i hope they do a better job..=]
      thanks too=]

    14. Riela Pollie 34 months ago | reply

      - Let me know when you have contacted her :)Sorry, I just noticed this XD

    15. mellissajayneflegg 33 months ago | reply

      just a little note..if you really dont want people copying your photos if you copyright them, thats YOUR photo noone else should be able to copy it or take it withought your consent, therefore if you see anyone with the EXACT same tattoo because they have just copied it online and used it and you have copyrighted it you have grounds to deal with it however copyright laws say you can, just an idea for next time, i have 3 tattoos myself all 3 were drawn by me and i hope to god noone has copied it from my pictures i would cringe to find out someone else had my same exact tattoo because they all mean something very personal behind them and mean an awful lot to me

    16. wendi21 33 months ago | reply

      i was wanting a b utterfly tatoo but now with all the coments i think i will ..try drawing my your's is awesome...

    17. smiley1869 28 months ago | reply

      i bet that lady is pissed coz u posted her pic showing her butt crack lol...

    18. Shannon Archuleta 21 months ago | reply

      Not sure why... She's got a good butt, nothing to be ashamed of.

    19. b_sensi 10 months ago | reply

      I love this tattoo! It just sucks that is got messed up with the Viceroy Butterfly at the top and all the others are Monarch Butterflies. I raise Monarch Butterflies in my backyard in the summer ( I don't buy the eggs, the females lay them on their host plant). They are extremely awesome Butterflies!

    20. Felyne on Flickr 10 months ago | reply

      Why is that messed up?

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