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20 things about me tag!! <3 | by sai's_fake_smile
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20 things about me tag!! <3

I was tagged by Shann, Zhi, Hannah and Katherine for this great tag!

So here are the rules or instructions :


1- Find a cool, random, picture that helps describe one of your questions.

2- Write 20 things that NO ONE really knows about you (if you don't have many things, you can shorten the amount)

3- After you're done, tag all your friends!


So here goes XD


1- I have an identical twin sister...we have such fun playing tricks on people :)

2- When I was in 1st grade my sister and I were very exclusive and later on our friends would tell us that it was impossible to become friends with us. I always considered her my best friend and didn't want anymore..haha being in college now, we both grew out of this. Although, she is still my best friend and I only have a few close friends.

3- I am antisocial lately or so everyone is telling's really bad! I would rather stay home and watch anime than go to parties any day of the week haha :)

4- I am studying Anthropology and Archaeology in school.

5- I love any and all books.

6- My favorite books are from Terry Brooks..A few years ago, I read 'Magic Kingdom, For Sale/Sold' This book changed my life...I decided to go through every dark forest to see if a magic kingdom really did exist XD This picture best describes what I would look for. I even went for a walk yesterday and thought I saw something ;P haha I will let you know if I find one ♥

7- I love black olives..I eat them straight out of the can!

8- I love Isuls more than life itself...their little faces make me extremely happy!

9- I have a fat siamese himalayan cat. Her name is Christine.

10- I gave my cat this name due to a Phantom of the Opera obsession I had a few years ago ;P

11- I never watch t.v. only anime.

12- I have a huge monitor so that I can watch anime all the time.

13- I love fairy tales and other stories...esp Grimm stories!

14- I am extemely near sighted and wear contacts...but only at school..

15- I have chronic insomnia! I love to get on flickr in the middle of the night and look at everyone's pictures! It help relaxes me until I get sleepy.

16- I want to go to Japan this summer. I hope I can make this dream come true!

17- I had a spider live on my staircase this whole week..I even named it. it just stayed there. Yesterday it was gone and I almost cried! :(

18- I am addicted to incense at the moment.

19- I love the Victorian bedroom looks right out of the Victoria era. This looks funny because I have so many dolls and anime figures everywhere and it kinda a weird clash..but I love it!

20- If anyone is curious about my name 'Sai's Fake Smile' here is the story: Sai is a character in Naruto. He is very closed off to the world and literally had his emotions drilled out of him through ninja training. Everyone told him his smile was fake due to this. Deep down he was very close to his brother who was killed and he held on to a book of drawings from him. This book represented the fact that despite the vigorous training to lose emotions, Sai still had his. His character spoke to me...I have times in life where I wore a fake smile and something about Sai touched me. I even think I must have been him in another life ♥


thank you for reading all this <3 I tried to tag everyone because I would love to get to know everyone better! I couldn't add anymore because I was stopped, but everyone who reads this is tagged haha! So if you have time, I would love for you to do this!

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Taken on May 24, 2012