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    Day 3, September 19, 2011: Photos documenting the protest event Occupy Wall Street in New York.

    David Shankbone
    Good Magazine: The (Un)Official Occupy Wall Street Photographer's 15 Favorite Frames

    The Occupy Wall Street Creative Commons Project

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    Occupy Colorado Springs Colorado on November 20

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    1. gumresq 62 months ago | reply

      Great photo.
      It really shows how the man feels about the situation.
      Thanks. I used your photo in a blog writing at

      Thanks again.

    2. david_shankbone 62 months ago | reply

      gumresq Thanks for the compliment and for letting me know.

    3. public servants r neither 62 months ago | reply

      Signs or statements like this make it tough to get your message across. I did as the sign said and after 30 minutes (Not very in depth I know.) this is what I found. At most 13.33% of Americans are poor. Unfortunately for this guy, his sign makes him look... well... not very smart. I guess he didn't LOOK IT UP. Maybe his intention was to get people to find the real numbers for themselves. If so then he's brilliant but I don't think that was his original intention. IMO

      Apparently I'm poor, however, I live below my means and I'm pretty content.

    4. public servants r neither 62 months ago | reply

      Heh... Oops... Now I know what he means. I was an idiot. I didn't realize that 'The other 99%' was a motto of #OccupyWallStreet

    5. david_shankbone 62 months ago | reply

      public servants r neither Originally that tripped me up a little too, but that he was challenging me to "look it up" I did and got what he was talking about. On the cover of Time magazine this week is the statistic that the top 20% of income earners in the United States own 85% of the wealth. Just 15% for everyone else to fight over.

    6. public servants r neither 62 months ago | reply

      David Shankbone Heh... If we can fight over the remaining 15% then we can fight FOR the 85% also. What I mean is there are people who are making more each year by improving their situation on their own. There is no reason why any of us can't get more with some HARD WORK. The wealthy usually need/want hard workers with new ideas to invest in. Yes, a good/great employee is an investment. When I owned my own business I wouldn't have hire most of these kids. The lack of critical thinking is the main thing I have noticed here. The real problem is our elected officials. ALL OF THEM! Not one party or another.

      A lot of what I am seeing at this demonstration are kids asking for someone else to pay their loans off. lol I guess real life wasn't like living at home and they're a little shocked.

    7. loverboy160 60 months ago | reply

      Hey, how about you occupiers get a life.
      Do you people vote, make a change next
      year at the ballot box and DON"T put Obama
      and his cronies back in (or to remain in)
      office-thank you

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