The Corporatist State 2011 Shankbone

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    The first day of Occupy Wall Street, September 17, 2011. Wall Street barricaded and Zuccotti Park taken.

    David Shankbone
    Good Magazine: The (Un)Official Occupy Wall Street Photographer's 15 Favorite Frames

    The Occupy Wall Street Creative Commons Project

    Day 1 September 17 Photos - Preoccupation and Occupation Begins
    Day 2 September 18 Photos - People settle in; cardboard sign menage begins
    Day 3 September 19 Photos - Community forms; protest signs
    Day 7 September 23 Photos - First rain, protest signs, life
    Day 8 September 24 Photos - Pepper spray day, Zuni Tikka, people
    Day 9 September 25 Photos
    Day 12 September 28 Photos
    Day 14 September 30 Photos
    Day 16 October 2 Photos
    Day 17 October 3 Photos
    Day 20 October 5 Photos
    Day 21 October 6 Photos - Naomi Klein
    Day 23 October 8 - Faces of OWS
    Day 28 October 13 - Tom Morello of RATM
    Day 31 - protesting Chihuahua and The Daily Show
    Day 36 - Parents and Kids Day and quite a crowd
    Day 40 - protesting hotties, Reverend Billy and tents
    Day 43 Photos - Snow storm at OWS of the first NYC winter snowfall
    Day 47 - Solidarity with Occupy Oakland
    Day 50 November 5
    Day 52 November 7 - Jonathan Lethem, Lynn Nottage and Jennifer Egan
    Day 53 November 8 - David Crosby and Graham Nash play OWS
    Day 57 November 12 - Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey
    Day 60 November 15 - Police evict protesters from Zuccotti

    Occupy Colorado Springs Colorado on November 20

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    1. kimd65 42 months ago | reply

      Wow, great picture of protecting that False Idol. Watch for Moses coming down the street.

    2. aardvark_foto 42 months ago | reply

      That's a lot of Bull!

    3. aardvark_foto 42 months ago | reply

      . . . and I was not referring to the statue.

    4. qwerty01yuiop 42 months ago | reply

      I hope the dupe protestors were able to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee at starbucks after the protest followed by a trip to the apple store

    5. invisible consequential 41 months ago | reply

      Excellent. Thanks for sharing with Creative Commons. I used this here:

    6. david_shankbone 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the compliment and for letting me know.

    7. Lynne Hand 41 months ago | reply

      He he - I love the photo, and I had to find you to tell you it's been featured here:-

      I wish they had linked to you though. It would have saved a lot of searching.

      I'll feature it as my photo of the month in the English magazine too.

    8. Adam Overdrive Gordon 41 months ago | reply


    9. david_shankbone 41 months ago | reply

      People have a hard time understanding that it's not "corporations" [most of] the protesters are against; it's corporate greed and how Wall Street has bought the political system. But...I guess for the simple-minded it's easier to say, "They buy coffee at Starbucks!" instead of actually listening to the issues the protesters talk about. There is a happy medium between "I hate corporations period" and "Let corporations do whatever they want so that our corporate benefactors might bless us by sprinkling a few crappy jobs on us", particularly since small businesses are responsible for 64% of all new jobs created.

    10. david_shankbone 41 months ago | reply

      Thanks for letting me know - I think they linked to it here under the photo on Wired where it lists Flickr as the source, although it's not obvious :-)

    11. weindeb 40 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo, truly iconic in suggesting much of what OWS is about and reaction to what it is about - namely, fear of the OWS message and protection of wealth and the wealthy über alles.

    12. david_shankbone 40 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for the compliment.

    13. Mike Todd 40 months ago | reply

      Incredible image David.... I used it here:

    14. david_shankbone 40 months ago | reply

      Thanks Mike I enjoyed reading the post.

    15. Nellies78 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing, love your photo! I have used it on my blog about New York in a post about the bull, still barricaded. Feel free to have a look: (it is all in Dutch though)

      Best, Nellies

    16. david_shankbone 38 months ago | reply

      Hi Nellies - looks nice - I like the graphic design of your site.

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