Vera Wang by David Shankbone

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    1. pegasus65 61 months ago | reply

      wow, had no idea the Morticia Addams look was in (spooky!)

    2. david_shankbone 61 months ago | reply

      And that really is the color of her skin - it's an interesting shade.

    3. pegasus65 61 months ago | reply

      it doesn't look like a healthy shade and the antique gold chandeliers, uh, earrings just emphasize that. Very strange.
      Cool captures, anyway - "raw" celeb shots are often the most interesting... (well, maybe not the beaver shots of Ms. Lohan, Hilton, et al, but anyway)

      How was the film fest itself?

    4. silverseleanor 61 months ago | reply

      I've always wondered why Wang never wears any makeup. At least it looks like she doesn't in every picture i've ever seen of her.

    5. david_shankbone 61 months ago | reply

      I shoot raw because I want people to see what celebs *really* look like, at their best.

      @Eleanor - designers are typically not interested in buying into the games of the design industry (I know this from dating Brian Reyes) - they are "above it" since they create it.

    6. pegasus65 61 months ago | reply

      ?? but are they not the design industry and thus perpetuate the game called "fashion?" I have to admit it escapes me - churning out the same stuff with slight or major modifications year after year, there must be a lot of duplication, yet it's all supposedly original. After a few thousand years of human civilization and the culture it produces, virtually nothing is original. (okay, off my soapbox)

    7. david_shankbone 61 months ago | reply

      In my interviews I brought up the topic of "originality" a lot. Most memorable was when I had dinner with Augusten Burroughs and we talked about it in relation to his work. He said that he originally didn't want to write about his alcoholism and drug addictions because it had been done so often before, that he thought it lacked originality. He then later said that he decided to write about it anyway, because those stories were still his stories, making them original. His own unique experience.

      I don't know how that plays into fashion, since I tend to be very basic in the way I dress - but it's one of those things I remember the most from my interviews.

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