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Note the golden fur of the baby | by shankar s.
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Note the golden fur of the baby

Baby Silvery Lutung looks up expectantly at his mother while sucking at her breast. Note that the baby has beige fur, which will turn silvery black within a few weeks. Silvery lutungs breed year round, with no clear breeding season, although each female typically gives birth no more than once every 18 to 24 months. The female attracts the male by making side-to-side motions with her head, and copulation may occur several times during a bout. Unusually, females have been reported to reach menopause in the wild, and may survive up to nine years after last giving birth. The female gives birth to a single young after a gestation period of 181 to 200 days. (Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia, Nov.2013)

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Taken in November 2013