South The Jacket 1972
South’s Landis Jacket 1972 From Doris, Joan and MH Freeze. Kathy Morgan made the effort to get the year book to Shane K Smith 20150125. This is an amazing accomplishment. Shane has scanned all three Junior High School years on both sides of South from 1970, 1971 and 1972. That was the Landis side and the China Grove side. He has also scanned The South Rowan 1973, 1974 and 1975 Year books courtesy @Tim Smith and Shane Smith. Keith Belk provided Landis 1970 and 1971 If there is another annual out there that fed South Rowan High School please inform Shane and he will try to find one and scan it. Shane has even scanned a couple Catawba College yearbooks for our South friends of Tim Smith that went on to Catawba.
Shane has 28 albums scanned saved and titled here of our more famous friends have grown: Shane has received over 40,000 views as of 20150125.
The idea was a brainstorm of Shane’s to capture a then and now atmosphere for The Class of 1975. That would include Junior High annuals from 1970, 1971 and 1972. Then South annuals from 1973, 1974 and our Graduation for 1975. Beyond that Shane has followed hundreds of our friends and updated Now photos. Shane has noticed that although I have 100’s of our friends documented there are still hundreds of our friends no where to be found. If you know of any person we went to school with that has a current photo of them from anywhere that I have missed please get that photo to me!
Facebook will only let me put 1,000 photos in each album. Plus they won’t sort the albums in any order. So you can get lost looking for photos in the Facebook album section from Shane. So I built a Flickr account. Most of my photos are titled which was no small feat. You will have to create an account to view, but so what. It
S free and you get one TB TERA BYTE of photos you can store in full resolution. You can have prints made from my pages. You can search for your old heart breaking friend. I will continue to add those that have supported me in friendship and I add those that hate me. However the biggest challenge now is to find those that haven’t made it to computer land yet. My posts will be less frequent concerning South as I have two file cabinets full of Shane’s Flying Disc Show PR and Newspaper clippings, routes and notes for another great set of friends that traveled the Country inspiring adults and Youth to be active and throw Frisbees! You can find some of my Frisbee Flying Disc Pioneering here: I will be interrupting posts from time to time with every day shots and events and have a goal to own a Fifth Wheel Camper for my Truck. My life’s rhythm could be changing.
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