Peggy Hoke's Mother's Funeral
Surrounded by Angels!

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I can’t thank Bill Scott enough for letting me know about Peggy’s Mother. Peggy and Becky Lippard were the missing links to our class re-union. Becky of course has been adopted by every class. The hairs on my arm stood up as usual when Becky Lippard sang. Becky always shreds my heart. I don’t want to miss her next play! Peggy is so beautiful. Her dedication to her mother and poem crushed my heart. Her oldest daughter continued to slice away with an obvious gift for public speaking... Then Becky had to melt my heart again with another breathe taking solo. All the Hokes, Peggy, Tommy, Owen and Steve just gave out vibrations of pure class. Peggy’s girl’s not only have inner beauty but are all physically drop dead gorgeous with the most alive eyes I have ever seen. On top of that, Mary Cress was there!
The Senior Pastor Reverend William J Campbell was kind enough to let me shoot available light photos. The kind man who ran the door actually followed through as I had asked permission to shoot in this beautiful church with amazing woodwork, staind glass and acoustics! The service also brought tears to everyone’s eyes.
Shooting available light is more tasteful in a service as flash in the main funeral could be very annoying. I tried to be stealth to get the shots. I was so Stealth Becky or Peggy had no idea who I was! I could hardly delete any even the very blurred ones. All but a couple of shots are unedited for now.
Pick the ones you like and pick them up at the nearest Target store to you. Those of you that want the full resolution 4mb shots please contact me. With the full ”rez” original you can almost zoom into someone’s watch and tell the time. When the uploads go to Flickr the photographs still look great but the concentration of the grain or pixels is really reduced. The Flickr prints you pick up at Target will still look great. You can also download or get an embedded code or URL to put on your blog or web site. Just click on “All Sizes”.
Please send me any shots you may have collected over the years so I can add them to our Class re-union album! I love showing the pictures off that Sammy Roberts of Freeze Frame shot at our 30th.
Least of all don’t let me forget about Della who took a photo of me with the rest of The Hoke Family.
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