St Augustine Beach, Florida 2017
My St Augustine Trip has been refreshing! I deactivated my Facebook account to give my self a vacation. I’ll be checking back in by the 20th of November 2017. Find me at and click on my email button or leave a note in the chat box. All of my building and lighthouse shots are crooked.
My download speed is only 8ew days.49 mbps and upload is 2.95mbps…Really? So these 800 photos will load in the next few days or I will wait until I get home.

The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

11/14/17 9:01:43 PM

Without a doubt St Augustine is the hardest place I ever have had to leave. But like The Circus and my friend Rich Morey, I have come Full Circle! The bridge of Lions opened up and told me leaving St Augustine was like running into a brick wall. I know I can leave but only on a twisted sort of probation. So far I only gave three Frisbees away to celebrate a moment of extreme circumstance almost beyond belief. I have been so busy photographing lost moments and new adventures I have failed to bring out a bag of Frisbees and air brush on the beach! I have missed three shots I must make up for on another trip. I have missed the Sunrise but got some good moon shots! I missed the wind surfers jumping the waves from Anastasia Island all the way to Crescent Beach in 40 mph winds! They are muscle bound die hard surfers! I missed a shot of a giant turtle that lives between my camp and the water only because I made a choice to go to the beach with only a crab and bird chasing dog in tow! The young lady at the Sunglasses shop stole my heart but didn’t know it. I should have photographed her! St Augustine is full of should have would have if I could have should of would have moments! But I continue to return as my life is full of great fortune and a wonderful loving understanding woman. She made a wonderful trip possible. This time I didn’t try to make her see all of Florida in one week as a weak moment came to me as I tried to re-live life on the road! St Augustine had to be a female! I think history got it all wrong!
As in everything I ever do I overload myself. I can fill up any bag, van, truck or travel trailer with more things than I can ever use. So this trip I disc connected and took a small bucket and a shovel to capture some beach time. As you can see I over loaded the bucket and made a great big pile. I missed my Facebook friends tremendously! I have created some real friends, made it possible for many of us to reconnect. Several of us have hooked up and fallen in love. Being social is what you make of it. Be yourself…. overloaded or not! Just check your brakes before you take those grad %8 hills! Going is one thing, stopping is another! I’ve gone down two mountains with no brakes! I’ve been spared for a reason. St Augustine saved my life! I love her! There will be future visits after pit stops in South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and Sarasota to see The Funny Farm! Although I missed some important shots I got an awesome “Ride On” clip with waves in the background! The hell with the wind noise. Wind noise is there to constantly etch new memories. I got to hear the first song I ever made love to by Roger Daltrey in person! Edgar Winter played Frankenstein for me live to celebrate an award winning Frankenstein costume for this year’s Halloween! I got to visit the places that broke my heart and saved my life in a style I never dreamed possible. Somewhere in my adventures I have done something right!
Taco Bello is a great Road Warrior and Beach bum. St Augustine is an emotional Roller Coaster worth riding!

Oh yes....I have a parallax problem. My wife told me that is why my buildings and lighthouse shots are all crooked except for a few. I'll work on that!

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