South Judy Castor Deal and William's Trains
Planning an event of this nature and opening your house to let people enjoy your creativity is mind blowing to me. Restoring this miniature train is pure art work. My friends and I were treated to Judy and William’s open house for the second year in a row, 20170115. Thanks to a freak NC snow storm, we were all given a second chance to see the Deal’s labor’s of love. I am putting photos in separate albums for each year I get to go. If I spent a week in their house all day long I could never photograph all of the eye candy and amazing work from this family! Judy Castor Deal and her husband William invited Vera and I to their Christmas open house. What a treat! This is a train lover’s dream house. Walking through their house was like walking through pure eye candy. It was like a Train Station dream from heaven! Imagine owning your own working train, then to come inside to the most elaborate home train set I have ever seen. Judy had 12 trees decked out in many different themes. The detailed scenes everywhere especially on the train tracks could take you to a dream land of fun. Details like trucks entering the highway may be taken for granted, but every piece in their house had a purpose! There was so much eye candy I had to really mentally focus to even get one shot. It could take a week to shoot every scene in detail!
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