Detroit Public Schools Book Depository
The abandoned Detroit Public School’s Book Depository has one of the most troubling stories behind its ruin. This was originally the city of Detroit’s main post office. While
Michigan Central Station
was still active, loads of mail would arrive at the station, and mail was transported via an underground tunnel to this building. As time went on, the post office was relocated to another building and the Detroit Public School administration used this building to store the majority of supplies used in the classroom. The building was then renamed the Roosevelt Warehouse. The morning of March 4th, 1987 a fire started on the third floor of the building and gained substantial momentum using the school supplies as fuel to the fire. The facts point out that after the fire the administration simply abandoned the building and began using a new building to store supplies. What’s particularly disturbing is that a few years later, Free Press reporters investigated the building to find THOUSANDS of books still brand new in their original plastic wrap! The investigation ensued but like most investigations in the city, they lose their energy among the constant trade-offs of the responsibility to the whole incident.

The current state of the building is directly related to Matty Maroun as he owns many parcels of land and their properties near the Ambassador Bridge. One of these properties happens to be our beloved train station - Michigan Central Station. Matty does not care about art, history, or architecture. Rather, he is like most billionaires... greedy and without concern for the significance of history and the culture it impacts. He only cares to hold these properties in order to maintain his monopoly over the international crossing with his company Cen-Tra Trucking Inc. The more I go into both buildings and the more I read, the more I despise this piece of scum. Why can't Detroiters/Americans be more like our European descendants and respect history?! Something like this would NEVER happen in Europe.

What can I say about this? Of all the exploring I’ve done so far, I rank this right up there with Michigan Central Station. It’s definitely not the same experience but the building conjures up thoughts within’ you… “How did this happen?” “How many children have gone without textbooks in the city?” “How can the Detroit Public School Administration be so irresponsible?!”

UPDATE: I found most of this information scattered around the internet. It turns out that some of it was disgracefully copied from this original essay...
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