Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Station is considered by many to be the Mecca of urban exploration in Detroit. Conceived by the same firm that designed New York’s Central Station it highlights some of the best Beaux-Arts style architecture seen in the country. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life and can’t believe I didn’t know about this till I joined the Flickr community. Learning the deep history from the stations brightest days up to its current state of ruin is as captivating as some of the many ancient ruins I’ve seen. It deeply troubles me how something so beautiful was left to slip away almost forgotten. When you step inside, you can’t help but having a bi-polar state of mind as you feel frustrated, amazed, and saddened. Many people I know have high hopes for this wonder becoming renovated and utilized again, but since being inside, its future does not look bright. With the way the economy is spiraling down, we only can hope its careless owner Matty Maroun will soon announce plans that include resurrecting the soul of this legendary piece of Detroit History.

The more I visit the place, the more I think about the history of our city and what heightening respect I have for it. Detroit has a wonderful history that I was not aware of before and I'll admit I was a bit ignorant about it. When you walk downtown, raise your head to the skies and wonder a bit. There are so many historic buildings that crowd the skyline with such great stories behind them. In regards to the train station, I think about what potential it has. It's not an un-saveable building. Its foundation is rock solid and could stand for hundreds of years. It would take more money to destroy it and redevelop new properties than to restore this gem. And if it does go down what will Detroit have? Another trashed parking lot! A lot of you may not understand our passion, but the moment you step inside and think about the people who passed through, the builders, fathers, mothers, our relatives.

This is our Ellis Island!
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