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    Good lord yesterday was my 24th birthday. Six more years till I am three decades old. Three years after that I’ll be a third of a century old! OK I’ll stop!

    I took this shot right after I tried creating some elaborate composition with a bottle of Absinthe. I got halfway through my process and realized I was trying to polish a turd and threw in the towel. What's worse is that I worked a total of six hours on it including the setup. I learned the hard way of how important having an extra strobe can be. I was so upset with myself. Luckily, I took some spur of the moment shots right after that I actually liked a lot better. I think I prefer myself closer so I can see all the gritty details. This is my one and only suit. It just happens to be the one that I wore to the interview of my first “real job” right after a couple of internships in college. I figure I’ll wear it once a year so why not wear it for the heck of it.

    Pretty simple setup for this. Canon 580EXII slight camera left into 48” silver umbrella. EXIF ISO 200, 35mm, f/8, 1/200 sec. The more I use my flash off camera the more I love it. It improves my photos so much. Thanks to Joe Alisa for kicking me in the ass to learn off-camera flash! I decided to lay off the airbrush style dodge & burn that I’ve used a lot and try something different and more challenging. I would say this is my favorite self-portrait so far. It conveys my personality perfectly.

    Oh yea... for the last time this is not HDR!!

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    1. postpurchase 100 months ago | reply

      excellent work... who needs the absinthe anyway... stinky old wormwood... enjoy those remaining 20s!

    2. ArtCPhotos 99 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called All Lighting, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    3. Bahi Mashat 99 months ago | reply

      very nice technique :) love the eyes part,, and the face expression however, not a fan of skin tone,,,

      well done :)

    4. ~EvidencE~ 98 months ago | reply

      WoW very cool

      Hope u had a nice birthday
      all the best

    5. FLICKR.COM/CHRISWEISSPHOTO 97 months ago | reply

      Awesome.. Great post processing.. just fill light, vibrance, and contrast?

    6. Dave Alexander. 96 months ago | reply

      this is insanely good!
      i thought it was a pseudo HDR until i read the description, which makes me wonder, if this ISN'T a HDR, how the hell did you get it to look like this?

      amazing work.

    7. (moved to [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      dude your work is incredible.

    8. Bandal 95 months ago | reply

      awesome portrait!!!!

    9. mcpeak_michael 86 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called One Million Smiles, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    10. CONOR LEDWITH 86 months ago | reply

      Very impressive, some processing, the fact its not hdr makes it even more interesting

    11. Korzan Customs 84 months ago | reply

      Love the photo what program did you use in your post processing or how did you get the small hdr look

    12. carE. 83 months ago | reply

      youre a badass haha

    13. rella88 77 months ago | reply

      Great SP and processing. Oh, and happy birthday.....

    14. IanLudwig 75 months ago | reply

      Awesome processing.

    15. RileyJoseph 66 months ago | reply

      For not being HDR it sure looks like it has had the shit HDR'd out of it. Too bad because it could be a good photo.

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