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Shandi-lee XXX {contentment} | by Shandi-lee
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Shandi-lee XXX {contentment}

hi flickrlovelies <3! How are you?! I decided to take some pictures this afternoon, it was like -25ºC outside though so, indoors won again!


*XXX = 30 haha this isn't supposed to be some super explicit image or anything like that.


**SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MY GIRLS Michaela & Alyssa for their sososososososososo sweet testimonials! You guys are the cutest <3 if for some insane reason you haven't looked at their streams already, GO NOW!!!


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Thank you so much! ☺

***I was also tagged by a buncha cuties: Amber, Michaela & Morgan. You are missing out on life if you haven't seen these lovely girls' photos!


I. non-fat, decaf, white chocolate mocha w/ whip in da cup ;) I get non-fat milk because too much milk bothers me, I love whipped cream way too much to skip out on that though! (In my mind this combo evens things out...)

II. I need to re-dye my roots real bad eek.

III. I love Valentine's day because there's sooo much of two of my favourite things around--hearts and pink things!

IV. my favourite colours include: peachy pinks, grey (I know it's not...), yellowy-greens, turquoise, other pinks, light and dark purple but not red-purples, more on the blue side and many more, I love love love colours.

V. what are some fruity and sweet perfumes? I want to buy a new scent for spring and I want to try something fruity but I'm not a fan of strong scents, I like things light and super sweet smelling.

VI. I want to make a video for flickr, I think when I hit my 100,000 total views mark I will make one to celebrate hehe

VII. my friend calls Starbucks Starby's and my mom calls it Bucky's lol...

VIII. I call Starbucks, Starbucks. Edit: actually...I call it Sturrbucks when I'm feeling hip.

IX. I had a job interview today tehe. I think it went well, at least, I hope it did. (I've never had one before this was my first!)

X. I'm so happy ♥


p.s. if you ever wanna read my rambles and see the exact same photos, (plus some extras that don't make the flickr cut), feel free to be my tumblr friend :)


p.p.s. I always get nervous with who to tag, sometimes I tag who's tagged me, then try to find some others...I think I end up tagging the same people. MUST BREAK OUT OF COMFORT ZONE ONE DAY.


p.p.p.s. that braid is just normal, I have to get my mom or someone else if I want it french braided from the start, I'm not skilled enough haha.

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Taken on February 8, 2011