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-6°C * Feels Like: -12 this winter I've been working on my immunity to cold a lot it seems...


I saw the sun setting, it gets me every time that darn sun. So I threw on some make-up and a hair clip and ran outside to take some pictures!


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I need to catch up on a bunch of tags from these lovely humans: Gia Catalan, Andreandroid, under the radar, her morning song, Kiara ∞ and *Kayla has arrived*. You should definitely check out all their streams <3 I hope I didn't forget anyone who tagged me I'm sorry if I did!


1. Thing you cannot leave the house without? water

2. Favorite brand of makeup? MAC, Smashbox, NARS, Clinique, plus way too many others :|

3. Favorite flower? I love peonies, but, if you know me at all I love just about every type of flower!

4. Favorite clothing stores? H&M, forever XXI

5. Favorite perfume? Vera Wang princess or this kind called Pink Sugar and Pink Sugar Sensual I don't even know what brand it is :\ haha

6. Heels or flats? I don't own that many shoes for being a girl, I love them equally though. I wish I had more places to wear heels.

7. Do you make good grades? I'm not in school, but I make good braids? That rhymes with grades...

8. Favorite colors? bright pink, peachy pink, black (we'll pretend this is a colour), turquoise, purple, grey (we'll also pretend this is a colour), bright yellowy-green...I love colours!

9. Do you drink energy drinks? when I was younger I thought it was cool to drink them EVERYDAY, so I've kinda sickened myself of them. When I do drink them now, it's always sugar-free Red Bull

10. Do you drink juice? yes, I like apple and orange and white grape and lotsss more

11. Do you like swimming? I don't know how to swim, I wear glasses/contacts, I don't like being'm going to have to say no!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork? if I'm out and can't find a place to wash my hands/I don't have hand sanitizer on me then yes I'll use a fork, otherwise nooo way.

13. Favorite moisturizer? be more specific question! Body moisturizer: Olay Quench Mousse. Facial moisturizer: this varies, but I loved Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care EVEN THOUGH it never took away my imperfections, the moisturizer was really nice.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life? I wanna be a wifeeeyyyy asap

15. Do you get mad easily? I have a lot of patience I feel I get hurt easily, not angry.

16. Are you into ghost hunting? yes!!! More so in the past when I had more friends living near me. I wouldn't do it on my own!

17. Any phobias? throwing up, bloodwork, fingers sticking to ice cubes.

18. Do you bite your nails? NEVER!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience? no thank goodness

20. Do you drink coffee? I drink things that have coffee/espresso in them, but I don't drink coffee on its own. I'm a tea girl :)


(10 facts)

I. I don't feel well a lot and it makes me anxious, but nothing is ever really "wrong" with me.

II. I need to trim my hair badly, my ends are split and dry ew!

III. I am really trying to get used to manually focusing when I do self-portraits because I am so mad at my autofocus! I always manually focus for other people but I always find it difficult to focus for selfs so...I'm practicing.

IV. I contemplated starting a 365 on January 1st, but I'm very on the fence about them. I feel they have many pros and cons, but I would like to start *something* organized and disciplined because I think that will make me feel more accomplished, I just don't know what yet.

V. I love you guys more than you know.

VI. I'm scared of too many things.

VII. I don't have a favourite photographer...I never know if that's 'bad' or not.

VIII. I really want spring to come, I like spring. I forget how much I like it until I've been through summer, fall, and winter... every year this happens. I really do like spring, but I don't think enough to call it my favourite.

IX. I am really self-conscious about how my images look on other people's monitors. I check how they look on two places to make sure they're satisfactory to me, but then I catch them on someone's screen that isn't mine and they look horrid. It worries me.

X. my computer may completely die any day now...if for some reason I drop off the face of the Earth, this shall be the reasoning :'(.


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