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hi flickr, I was tagged! | by Shandi-lee
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hi flickr, I was tagged!


I got tagged by the amazingly lovely .bravelittlebird!


of course, I'd like you to lightbox although, the quality of this image seemed to go funny.


I've always wanted to be tagged, and now that I have been, I wasn't sure what to do. I did some investigating, and I've concluded that I: take a self, write 10 facts about me, and then tag other people.


Hopefully this is correct because that's what I'm doing!


I. sometimes I wonder what the heck I am thinking with the faces I make!

II. I am currently growing in my eyebrows so that I can reshape them from a fresh start because I messed them up a while ago and just want to start over.

III. positivity is very important to me. I try to keep it up even in the worst of times, but, I'm only human.

IV. I'm extremely hyper even though I'm very shy and quiet. Only special people get to see me bring out the inner crazy!

V. I am very self-conscious of my work, especially with people in my "real" life. I'm more confident about sharing my photos on flickr than in person. Probably because I am very lucky to have such positive reactions from all my lovely flickr friends, and I don't get as many from people personally. Maybe it's because I don't share it...hmph.

VI. I am also in love with LIGHTS, just like .bravelittlebird and this picture is possibly my favourite I've ever taken!

VII. I love pizza. The only meat I eat is pepperoni (on pizza). Don't ask about my habits, I can't justify anything other than what my brain seems to like!

VIII. I drink far too much tea.

IX. I'm scared to grow up, although I do want to.

X. people seem to think I'm tall from photos and see me in person and are all surprised! I'm 5'1", just fyi.


I'm so boring haha.


I'm not sure who to tag! If you've already been tagged and I tag you, um, do another? Or link me your tagged photo so I can go see :)

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Taken on October 21, 2010