I've combined my subminiature photos into one set now. In this set you can find shots taken with 110-format cameras (Voigtlander Vitoret 110, Vitoret 110 EL, Kodak Instamatic 60, Minolta Autopak 450E) and 16mm cameras (Minolta-16 P, Minolta MG-S, Kiev 30). Mostly I load microfilm into them, including reloading into cracked-open 110 catridges. But I've also taken some color shots using standard film. The microfilm is very contrasty, even though I'm using a low-contrast developer.

10/12/06 i bought some Minolta 16 filters off ebay, thinking they would fit my Minolta 16-P. i was wrong, they're a different size. however they fit the Kiev, and the buyer threw in a camera! a Minolta 16 to be exact. didn't work at first, but seems to be working for now. so add that to the list.

10/16/06 The Minolta MG-S is officially 'parts' now. a mercury battery was left inside and corroded some wires, and i couldn't repair it. i might buy another, since i have all the attachments for it.

11/27/06 finally i've got a scanner that will do these little negatives justice.
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