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cow 00673 Sacred cow

Sacred cow

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In the religion of Hinduism, the animal called a "cow" is thought to be sacred, or very holy. Most Hindus respect the cow for her gentle nature which represents the main teaching of Hinduism, non-injury (ahimsa). The cow also represents ghee and strength . Hindus do not worship the cow, but the cow is very honored in society, and most Hindus do not eat beef (the meat that come from cows). By honoring this gentle animal (living thing that isn't a plant) that gives more than it takes, Hindus honor all creatures.


It is not known whether the cow was sacred and forbidden in the Hindu diet from ancient Vedic times. However, reverence for cows can be found in all the religion's major texts.


The cow gives milk and cream, yogurt and cheese, butter and ice cream, ghee and buttermilk. The milk of a cow is believed to refine a person. The ghee (clarified butter) from the milk is used in ceremonies and in preparing religious food. Cow dung is used as fertilizer, as a fuel and as a disinfectant in homes. Modern science states that the smoke from cow dung is a powerful disinfectant and is good against pollution. The cow's urine is also used for religious ceremonies as well as for medical reasons.


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