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"CHIMERE" Prototype hybrid stealth bomber

The CHIMERE is a unique prototype hybrid star-bomber based on the JORMUNGAND. It is one of the few Andromedan Empire ships to use human ammunition based weapons (2 heavy machine-guns and a set of 16 "Crusader" like missiles) while the rest of the fleet almost only uses energy based weapons.

As its mother-ship, the CHIMERE can become completely invisible to eye and radar for about 20 minutes before cooling and can even open fire while in cloak mode. The CHIMERE is also equipped with 2 tachyon cannons. It is T"wrexx Cga'ar personal star-fighter.


T"wrexx is the commander of the JORMUNGAND' squadrons. His violent temper and piloting skills make him an extremely dangerous opponent on battle fields and he will not hesitate to open fire on escape pods or civilian ships. The Adromedan war council does not always approve his choices but still considers him as one of the Empire best strategist.

He is on the Alliance top 10 "dead or alive" list.

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Taken on April 20, 2011