Jessie Wilcox Smith, Bedtime.

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I like this one too because of the wonderful golden light, and that stairwell reminds me of the Victorian house I grew up in.

I remember being carried up those steps by my father, and I still visit that time and that place in my dreams...
Loving dreams that wet my pillow with tears of happiness for times gone by,
and sadness for those no longer here.
Today I will buy flowers and take them to my Father's grave, gone now for thirty-five years but young and strong in my dreams, still carrying me up those stairs of my childhood.

  1. monkeysox 82 months ago | reply

    Mmmm. What warm and lovely thoughts and feelings, Skip. Thank you for sharing.

  2. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    Thank you Monkey Sox...I guess postings made at 4AM tend to be a little soulful,,,I was going to erase it because I thought it was too sappy, but your sensitive comments changed my mind.
    It is a dramatic Friday the 13th here this morning...a cold front is coming in and long deep rolling thunder shakes my house, and joining in the song is the horns of a freight train winding up Dixon Hill.

  3. monkeysox 82 months ago | reply

    palm trees stir
    the air, damp with rain
    not yet fallen

    DW Bender, Florida 2002

  4. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    That's a nice haiku Monkey Sox, reminds me of my Mimosa tree,heavy with dampness awaiting the rain.
    Did you write that?
    I notice you have a great passion for Asian culture..what's the story on that? I like their thinking too. :)

  5. monkeysox 82 months ago | reply

    Thank you, skip. Yes.

    I'd be the second name down, here, and on the various mastheads for about 5 years (that was one of my roles):

  6. ellynkocher 82 months ago | reply

    i'm very touched by this, skip -- the image and the sentiment.

  7. Miss*Sarah 82 months ago | reply

    Awww, Skip, this made me tear up. Both the painting and your words are so touching.

  8. sarapulver 82 months ago | reply

    sappy, nooo way Skip. beautiful and bittersweet.

  9. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    Monkey Sox, I didn't know you were famous! You're just a wonder all around!
    Ellyn, thank you, my sweet Southern belle!
    Sarah,thank you..the storm clouds finally rolled away today and right before sunset, the skies cleared with the most wonderful golden light.
    I took a spray of yellow flowers up to my father's grave and quietly talked to my mother and grandparents, the whole family,sleeping on the green hill above town, guarded by a headless angel from 1923.

  10. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    sarap47.....Thank you! beautiful and bittersweet is a good mix for anyone's life.

  11. sarapulver 82 months ago | reply

    it is indeed skip, i so admire your spirit...

  12. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    I admire my warm hearted and supportive friends here on Flicker.
    You guys are a rich blessing in my life!

  13. mesmerical 82 months ago | reply

    Your writing touches as always, dear Skip. :-)

  14. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    Thank you Julia! I value your comments very much. :)

  15. monkeysox 82 months ago | reply

    Oh, skip. Not famous. Editing and producing a magazine is sort of like being a radio announcer, really. Unfortunately, fame and fortune aren't part of the package, especially when it is an upaid venture.

    The motherhood images in these old Jesse Wilcox Smith prints bring to mind another artist, Mary Cassatt

  16. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    Oh her work is wonderful too Monkey Sox....a celebration of Motherhood, the holy magic of women!

  17. monkeysox 82 months ago | reply

    And now it's my bed time. May the winsome magic of sleep come swift and deep and full of dreams for us all.

  18. skipgoforth 82 months ago | reply

    ...and GOOD dreams for us all dear Monkey Sox!
    May an angel guard thee in thy slumber.

  19. maurice flower 53 months ago | reply

    “Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they're already asleep.”
    -H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American best selling writer, author of Life's Little Instruction Book

  20. skipgoforth 53 months ago | reply

    II believe that Hans!

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