The Defence Walls of Jerusalem
The length of the defence walls of Jerusalem is 4,018 meters, their average height is 12 meters and the average thickness of walls is 2.5 meters. The walls also contain 34 watchtowers and 8 gates.
The walls of Jerusalem were built originally to protect the borders of the city against intrusions.
Solomon, King David's son, built the first temple in the city and also extended the city walls in order to protect the temple.
During the First Temple period and until the destruction of the First Temple, the city walls extended towards the northwest part of the city, the area where today the Jewish quarter of the city is located.
During the Second Temple period the city walls were expanded and renovated.
After the Fall of Jerusalem (The first Jewish-Roman War (66–70 CE)), the walls were destructed and were later partially restored, in 1099 the walls were rebuilt but destroyed again during the conquest of Saladin.
In the 16th century, during the reign of the Ottoman empire in the region, the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent decided to fully rebuild the city walls on the remains of the ancient walls. The construction lasted from 1535-1538 and these walls are the walls that exist today.
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