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  1. nils ♫ 106 months ago | reply

    hi .. long time no see .. who's on the left?

  2. potatoe 106 months ago | reply

    the girl on the right - she have grown so much.

    the last time i saw her in one of your photos - she was kinda young.

  3. shafina 106 months ago | reply

    hey nils - well nice to 'see' you too then :-) that is my 11 year old niece bahiyah.

    potatoe - yea, i think you've met her too. check out my tag of her :-) and haloooo when are we meeting up for lunch?? i haven't forgotten! :-P

  4. potatoe 106 months ago | reply

    q : i have met liyana meh ? during the "saya" exhibit or when we met up at the lab to print the prints ?

    oh yea hor, our lunch date! i will sort it out once i balik from my madu-bulan. i be away for 2 minggu.

    but then again, you so busy with your flickr-meet stuffs every month ka ka ka.

  5. dolphin_dolphin 105 months ago | reply

    Also very nice!!

  6. shafina 105 months ago | reply

    p - yea i guess at 'saya'. call me when you get back!!! flickr meets? nahh, don't get me too busy, just like other normal stuff :-)

    dolphin - thanks!

    ebliss - hah! :-P

    syam - i'll just agree with you there hehe ;-)

  7. lamintak 94 months ago | reply

    I like how the girl on the right is posing!

  8. AMIR - アミル 91 months ago | reply

    janji rock... yeah.. yeah.. (bandi amok shout style)...

  9. The 10 cent designer 80 months ago | reply

    Hi , please flickr mail me with permission to use your photo in the book. To be on the safe side I decided to collect the permissions one more time.
    simply say
    I "your name and flickr name" give permission for my photo "photo name or description" to be published in the it's a girl thing Summer book.


  10. bidut 79 months ago | reply

    janji u bahagia

  11. bidut 79 months ago | reply

    u believe in polosopy of study hard,but i believe in smart study is the best

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