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The celestial home of the gods, atop the highest peak of Mount Olympus.

This mighty citadel, built upon the raw stone of the Mount Olympus, was made as a place to rule over and discuss the affairs of the mortals far below.
The houses, thrones, tools and weapons of the gods, as well as the mighty gates and the many metal furnishings, were forged of gold, silver and orichalcum by the god of the smithy, Hephaestus. Black and white marble makes the pillars and floors, while strong grey stone makes the mighty walls.
The lowest level, circled by the mighty walls, broken only by the Gate of Olympus, contains the Olympic Stables and the Forge of Hephaestus.
As one goes up, one passes through streets, terraces and gardens that wind between the houses of the Gods, until one comes at last to the top, where the massive Olympic Tholos dominates the city, containing within it the Forum of the Gods in the lower level and Zeus' Throne Room in the upper.
It is from here that the Gods rule over the mortals below, and the rule of the gods is mighty indeed.

But there are some who say the time of the Gods is coming to an end...

For the MCCVI at Classic-Castle.

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  1. Shadow Viking 54 months ago | reply

    Damn, thanks everyone! Glad you all like it. I appreciate the comments. :)

    I'm planning on it!
    Indeed, though if you look back and find it you'll note it's quite different ;) This is based on some more recent sketches and is a lot more... vertical.
    Yeah there's a boat tile on it. It could open if I took that off though...
    They'd actually be pretty massive at this scale :) I had them set aside to be used, but I realised they'd be about 16 studs wide at the base, at minifig scale. I figured I would save such grand statues to remind the miniscale mortals of the gods above them. ;)

  2. SJ Commander - SPW / J-Tac / TPI 54 months ago | reply

    Also, while this is usually my background (I love the simpleness of it), I just changed it to this one for a while.

  3. SergeantFudge 54 months ago | reply

    Amazing! Love all the tiny detail you put into it. :D Great job!

  4. eilonwy77 54 months ago | reply

    Hey P,AKAA,FKASV -- Great shot! It is my honor to have you view my photos. Perhaps one day I can have a shot as great as yours! If you leave me comments, perhaps you can make my dream come true! And the dreams of my goat, too. My goat will give you gold stars, if you but comment on my photostream!


  5. TheVoidofBricks [deleted] 54 months ago | reply


  6. Ạlǝx 54 months ago | reply

    Simply Stunning. Nice work, Peter.

  7. Zeessi 54 months ago | reply

    Very nicely done.

  8. poncнo☭penguιn 54 months ago | reply

    Damn it how did I miss this.
    Brilliant stuff all around Peter!

  9. hapey 53 months ago | reply

    Impressive, most impressive.

  10. Shadow Viking 53 months ago | reply

    A bit late, but thanks guys!
    Hahaha, nice :D

  11. peterhoh 53 months ago | reply

    Great work. Instantly caught my eye as I was searching for MOCs to post on the Microbricks blog. I really appreciate that you included the concept art in your photoset.

  12. Shadow Viking 52 months ago | reply

    Nope, thanks for pointing it out! :D

  13. McWaffle 49 months ago | reply

    The end begins now.

  14. cineboxandrew 47 months ago | reply

    so awesome im crying with happyness, and rage at you for being better at me 8^(

  15. benjamin.hu 42 months ago | reply

    This was added to lego-microscale.tumblr.com posts. Thanks!

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