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Brikwars | by Shadow Viking
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New Britain with Team Ornj Vs. British Rebels with Strike Team Vs. Scavengers Vs. Ninjas.


Strike team has to take and hold the refueling station while fending off New Britain and Team Ornj, as well as a few scavengers. The first part of the mission is done in stealth with the strike team trying to sneak past NB sentries (used a d10; rolled it and had the sentries move the number that came up divided by two in the direction pointed to by the die point)


Ninjas are trying to assassinate the NB leader for unknown reasons, after his death (actually at the hands of a strike team controlled railgun) they left.


New Britain is defending. When the battle goes badly for them they call in Team Ornj as backup.


Scavengers want vehicles and will kill anyone who gets in their way, but they try to keep out of the main fighting.


Death Counts:

Strike Team: 2

British Rebels (allied with strike team): 6

Scavengers: 3

Ninja: 1

Team Ornj: 11

New Britain: over 24 :P

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Taken on July 8, 2008