Last Days of the Transbay Terminal (2010)
From 1939 to 1958, the Transbay Terminal was the Bay Area's central train station, the destination for streetcars from the East Bay bound for San Francisco. The Terminal, which was designed by legendary Bay Area architect Timothy Pflueger as an Art Moderne complement to the Bay Bridge, was built as part of the bridge project along with tracks on the bridge's lower deck. In 1958, though, the bridge was converted to 10 lanes of traffic and the Terminal was left to serve buses only. By the millennium, transit had begun to grow again in popularity -- but ironically, this is what sealed the Terminal's fate, as plans were made to replace it with the Transbay Transit Center, a modern bus (and hopefully rail) hub. The Terminal was closed just after midnight on August 7, 2010. These photos were taken on its final weekend, July 30 and 31, 2010.
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