Greeting Cards. Kodak Film.

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    1. malibuhealer ages ago | reply

      this bus is leaving, as opposed to the other bus that was arriving. I actually liked the other one better.

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    2. mclgreenville / memorymotel ages ago | reply

      i like the coloring of this photo and the obvious movement.

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    3. SF buckaroo ages ago | reply

      sorry to chime in in the middle of voting, i hate it when people do that. but, i just wanted to say, regarding the way that the people are looking-- this is the well-known "is that my bus coming" anticipation look, down the street. one bus leaves, another one can't be far off. but is it the right one? the habit of looking for the bus as if that will make it arrive, to me that's the dynamic I caught in this photo, or at least one of the dynamics. but maybe you need to ride buses, or live in an area where people ride buses, to know this?

    4. frequent gate [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I get the sense of being dragged past the edge of the photo. Too much.

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    5. frequent gate [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Sorry for the count mistake were on 4 deleteme

    6. _ . : * ~ ® gerard_belfast ® ~ * : . _ ages ago | reply

      i think this is a great capture and i'm voting a save.

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    7. zeegeezer ages ago | reply

      This is the best one of these night-bus-motion-blur pictures that I've seen. And we've had a fair few in the past month or so.

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    8. cecily7 ages ago | reply

      I like the balance of the areas of highlight across the photo and I think the blue tone suits the image very well.

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    9. BrynJ ages ago | reply

      Wouldn't look amiss in the safe in my opinion.

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    10. ages ago | reply

      nice long exposure. the blue is kinda neat. I think you did not crop the image straight to get more motion in it.

      Poorly, I don't like that. Very nice anyway.

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    11. Apollo & Aradia ages ago | reply

      Great color and motion.

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    12. coordinated vest [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I like this picture. The cool colors are nice and I like the way its cropped now. I think the cropping suggestion would make the black area up top look tilted and awkward.

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    13. abel groenewolt ages ago | reply

      Please disregard MemoryMotel's crop suggestion. This image is just great, including the tilt. There is so much movement, but at the same time it is completely frozen. Great job.

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    14. Superchou ages ago | reply

      i have come back to this several times... and I think I am in a good mood tonight... welcome to the safe buddy...nice image

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    15. Superchou ages ago | reply

      lol abel beat me to the punch!

    16. SF buckaroo ages ago | reply

      thanks for the comments, folks. i am humbled. people mentioned many things about the photo i didn't even notice.

      -- buckaroo

    17. sahst23 ages ago | reply

      Upon looking at this again, I guess I was wrong, I thought the bus was coming towards her but now I see it was leaving. I need more coffee in the morning. In any event, glad to see it saved.

    18. romanedirisinghe ages ago | reply

      F'ing cool pic.

    19. malibuhealer ages ago | reply

      way to go SF!! whoo hoooo!! :0)

    20. a COWsignal from outer space ages ago | reply

      another excellent shot,tone and motion.

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