2015/02/21 Antonio Guzman Lopez's One Year Angelversary
Antonio Guzman Lopez's One Year Angelversary

Saturday, February 21at 2:00pm - 5:00pm

San Jose, California

What's Justice4Josiah?

(Description from Justice4Josiah's Facebook page)

"Justice for Josiah is a San Jose/Santa Clara County based campaign struggling for resolution, prevention, justice and healing for the communities, families and victims of police violence, abuse and murder. We are centered around the love we have for one another, not a hatred of those whose aim seems to only be doing our communities, our families and our loved ones harm.

If you have info on the case or want to reach us directly -

email: justice4josiah[at]riseup.net

A note from Laurie:

"Justice for Josiah" is about the Love and Pain I feel for my son Josiah who is only 4 who no longer has his Father Antonio Lopez.

This tragedy has hurt Josiah, my daughter Angelique, whom Antonio raised since she was 3, his Parents in Nayarit, family members, a community and myself as well.

I believe God has chosen me to endure this pain because he knows I am strong, and will not fight for Justice with the hate, anger or negativity life has thrown at me, but with the Love I have for my kids and family, with the Passion I've always had in me to defend those who don't know how or afraid to defend themselves.

As a Community who not only seeks Justice for Josiah, but for past victims... we need to manage our Thoughts and Emotions and NOT ALLOW them to be Dictated by the Negative and Hostile Environment Created by the Police and Justice System.

We need to put to use the Ability to endure these tragedies, at the hands of these Cops and Never give up or Surrender our struggle for what's RIGHT!

As a Community, we can not only Achieve "Justice for Josiah", but also for past families of victims of police brutality, murder and injustice and strive to prevent future families from having to suffer these senseless beatings, murders by Cops who are suppose to "Protect and Serve".

Killing is Killing, Badge or No Badge, it's WRONG!

THOU SHALL NOT KILL, is one of the Ten Commandments.

God Bless everyone who has been by my side showing support, love encouragement and guidance.
You are all truly Angels sent in disguise to me, Josiah and Angelique and we are so thankful for all of you!

We will overcome!

- Laurie Valdez
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