Antti, Kaua'i & Oahu
Mikko and I took a week off. Destination is Hawaii. We are staying in Kaua'i for the first six nights and then a couple also in Oahu. The timing was pretty good as it just started raining in San Francisco.

Day 0 (October 12th 2007): Arrived at Lihue Airport in the evening and just made our way to the hotel.

Day 1 (October 13th 2007): We are staying in the east shore near Lihue for the first three nights. After that we are moving to the west shore. Today we drove as far north as you can go and for the first time saw the very green and lush landscape. Checked out a couple of beaches, but mostly exploring the area and the small towns.

Day 2 (October 14th 2007): Went for a muddy jungle hike but turned back before making it to the tunnel through the mountains. I might have to come back to Kaua'i some day and finish it.

Day 3 (October 15th 2007): We took the Inter Island Helicopter tour and even though it was quite expensive it was definitely worth it. The nature here is so beautiful. After that we continued on the southern shore to Kekaha where we are staying the next three nights.

Day 4 (October 16th 2007): First checking out the Waimea Canyon and the Kokee State Park. Afternoon on the almost totally empty beach in Polihale State Park. Just taking it easy today.

Day 5 (October 17th 2007): Early wake up at 5 am in order to make it to Port Allen harbor by 6 am. From there a 7 hour boat trip first to Na Pali coast and then to the islands of Niihau and Lehua for snorkeling and some sights. This is the last full day on Kaua'i, tomorrow we are flying to Oahu.

Day 6 (October 18th 2007): First checked out Poipu in Kauai and then took a flight to Oahu.

Day 7 (October 19th 2007): Early morning hike to the Diamond Head crater to check out the views of Honolulu. Then going around the island. Also checked out the Dole pineapple plantation.

Day 8 (October 20th 2007): Snorkeling in the Hanauma Bay and just relaxing.

Day 9 (October 21th 2007): Flying back to San Francisco.
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