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A collection of Covered Bridges in South-Eastern, Chester and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (PA).

I have lived in Chester County for over 30 years, and have always found the area beautiful, but as I travel around the area to do these pictures, I was just amazed with the diversity of the beauty!

Horse, corn and tobacco farms...

Rolling hills and fields...

Rivers, streams and creeks...

and the Covered Bridges!

Just wonderful!

You need to visit!
Make sure you bring your GPS and camera!

Included are simple color, Black & White (BW) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

and if you are interested in keeping up with the project, Status updates can be found on my PhotoBlog.

or check out my Google Map of Covered Bridges in South-East Pennsylvania

Hope you enjoy!

- Andrew


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Destinations Travel Mag - April 2011