weekend rush hour

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    October 2005.

    Södra Station was built in the late 80's - early 90's. Hence the cute girlie colors on the floor. Baby pink. Minth-ish green. Lemony yellow. Lavender purple.

    In the Stockholm suburbs you can see what houses were built at this time -- or went under renovation -- they are all apricot colored. Yay for good taste!


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    1. i'vebeen [deleted] ages ago | reply

      you could have waited for 2 mins and the clock would have suited to your perspective,
      nice shot ssb.

    2. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      thank you, gmarcello -- and you know, to make something look perfectly symmetrical, you have to toss in something imperfect in the mix.

    3. i'vebeen [deleted] ages ago | reply

      yes i agree, maybe you would have missed the running man or maybe at 10 you would have had another "antisymmeterical" element. :)

    4. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      Running man? He posed that way for me, he's actually standing still.


    5. Steffe ages ago | reply

      It is a bit bigger than the old station, that I really liked. I will always call it Stockholm Södra.

    6. smudo ages ago | reply

      snyggt fångad symmetri

    7. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      tack, smudo!

      Do you have pictures of the old station, Steffe? Now I get curious.

    8. xjyxjy ages ago | reply

      Great pic. The old station was a bit of the countryside (including a great swathe of waste land) in the middle of town. The new one is totally encapsulated and urbanized. And being puritanically and punitively Swedish, it's bloody freezing...

    9. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      I have actually read a whole book about the Lake Fatburen, and the old station area. But I don't remember the pictures of the old station itself.

    10. Steffe ages ago | reply

      I don't have any pictures of the old station. I googled it but couldnt find any.

    11. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      I have to get hold of that interesting Fatburen book again. Why I read it in the first place... I don't know. But now I do remember all the maps on how the lake in the middle of Södermalm slowly disappeared.

    12. nailbender ages ago | reply

      Excellent shot!

    13. jayKayEss ages ago | reply

      This is great; like Di Chirico

    14. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      tack så mycket!!

    15. frohrn ages ago | reply

      Du tar riktigt bra bilder. Jag ska titta in hos dig lite oftare om jag får hemlängtan!

    16. Sexy Swedish Babe ages ago | reply

      Tack, frohrn. Säkert att du längtar hem till Södra Station?

    17. RogerGW [deleted] ages ago | reply

      > This is great; like Di Chirico

      Well spotted, sir. Were you thinking of Melanconia di un uomo politico perhaps? (See tinyurl.com/p77rg .)

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