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MERRY XMAS!!!!! | by Simply Sabi
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How did the X in Xmas get to be pronounced "chris(t)" ??? Does anybody know?


My Christmas was good/ok... An emotional roller coaster between having a good time and missing things from the past like my grandfather and my exes family. I spent it with friends though and had a fairly good time.


I got called "adorable" by someone's grandparents so, I think I did well. I have no clue what I got for Xmas because my family was expecting me home so, I didn't open presents from anyone but friends.


My friends got me an awesome polaroid camera (it might be broken -- I'll let you know!) some fuzzy socks (you can NEVER have enough of those) a really cool ugly doll and alcohol. So, in my book... some pretty awesome stuff... Oh, I also got a block of cheese... this cracked me up. But, it was to go w a bottle of wine so, it does make sense :)


My birthday is January 29th -- ya'll asked and in case you're wondering... I'm an Aquarius!


I was really excited this year because we were supposed to be going to Vegas over my birthday BUT now we aren't because my mom is getting surgery the week before :( I do feel very selfish about feeling upset though....


Alrighty... I love you all and if anyone feels like getting me anything from my wish list for my birthday or as a belated Xmas gift or just because I'm broke (hehe) then that'd be super cool but... as always... I expect nothing :)


Photo is by the awesome and highly loved Mark Velasquez !

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Taken on December 4, 2011