Lakshman Sagar
A 19th century hunting lodge

Sprawling over 32 acres, Lakshman Sagar, is a chic re-interpretation of a quaint 19th century hunting lodge. Brain child of hotelier Inderpal Singh Kochhar, who envisioned a getaway with a conservationist view of the heritage and surroundings, Lakshman Sagar is a result of endless detailing in architecture & design, cuisine and activities. It is strategically located in the center of the tourist circuit in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, lying 10km off NH-14 en route to Jodhpur (Jaipur – Jodhpur highway).

With 12 mud & stone cottages of about 900 sq ft, Lakshman Sagar has been meticulously planned and conceptualized basis the zero kilometer concept. The well thought of activities & non-activities have been tailored personally for guests in a captivating natural topography ideal for mindless relaxation.Each cottage has a private splash pool and provides a panoramic view of the Aravallis and the lake.
While the Zanana and Mardana (dining areas) sections are perfect areas to lounge with a great view of the property, the itineraries are customized to the guest’s preferences which include activities like goat herding, breakfast in the fields, fruit & vegetable plucking, live cooking etc. all of which are reminiscent of the local village culture.

Inspired by the ‘Slow Food Movement’ the cuisine served at Lakshman Sagar is the traditional cuisine of the vicinity and includes special traditional recipes of the Raipur Family & local village families.A 19th century hunting lodge, Lakshman Sagar encapsulates centuries of history and age old Marwar tradition. Built to host visiting noble families and British Emissaries for their hunting escapades, the lodge emanates stories of the era gone by.

The Zanana (women quarters) and mardana (men) quarters, designed practically for the ladies and men respectively, offer hints to Rajput culture and traditional customs like pardah or reflecting the granduer of mehfils & baithaks.

Seeped in history, every corner of lakshman Sagar depicts the nuances of hunting holidays during the days of the Raj. From the machans used for tiger spotting to the man-made lake to attract game, great care has been taken to restore these priceless prints of the past.
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