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Another from the asylum pics. I did say I had tons.


I havent been able to shoot the last couple of days because my back is so so bad. The pain spread to my leg today so I finally decided to go to the hospital so they could run an x-ray or something cos I think I've injured a bone (not broken it, but injured it). So I went at shortly before 5pm. The wait time was a max of 4 hours (it was actually 3 hours when I got there but got bumped to 4 hrs while I was waiting) so that would mean at the very worst, I'd be seen by just before 9pm. Well, I was seen exactly 3 hrs and 55mins after I got to the emergency room. Now, I'm not sure why hospitals call them emergency rooms since "emergency" would imply its urgent yet 4 hours waiting time counteracts that entirely. So after I got seen, the doc asked me if the pain was in a muscle or a bone, I said definitely bone and she ignored that and kept telling me about muscle pains instead *sigh*. So after 4 hours of waiting, I was given a lot of pain killers (really? I couldnt buy these over the counter in 5 mins?) and told to go home and come back if I lose feeling in my leg completely or lose control of my bladder. So basically, go home until you become paralysed was what I was told. Hooray for the A&E.

I'm going to see a private doc when I land in Turkey if I can bear to board the flight in a few days. Least they wont tell me to wait till I'm paralysed.

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Taken on March 23, 2010