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Muslim Eid Stamp 2008

I am going to buy this stamp and use it for my holiday cards this year. Why? I'll tell you.


Today, I got a forwarded email that is circulating the interwebnets. It is encouraging people to boycott this stamp because it represents a Muslim holiday and intimates that all Muslims are bad because of some of the terrorists that have attacked America.


I was furious and responded thusly:


"What kind of discriminatory people want to boycott and dishonor someone else's religion just because a few bad eggs decided to do something cruel? I think that is a horrid idea to boycott them. America is supposed to be a mixing bowl, a place where people are free to believe whatever they choose. Why shouldn't American Muslims have a stamp to honor their winter holiday? Should we not have Channukah stamps or Kwanzaa stamps? Should we not let pagans have festivals for winter solstice? I am disgusted that people are trying to boycott a stamp. I say we (my fiance and I) send all our holiday cards with them. Its a lovely stamp and honors a culture that has received a lot of discrimination since 9/11. The least America can do is give them a stamp for their holiday. People need to get over themselves!"


I would like to encourage you to purchase and use this stamp. Don't let hate and ignorance rule. Let's be accepting of eachother as fellow Americans, regardless of our religious beliefs.

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Taken on November 19, 2008