8:00 | morning
8:00 | my typo project | student work | degree work | July 2008
British Higher School of Art and Design
Course: Visual Communications
Curator of the course: Leonid Feygin
365 days... 365 images
8:00 | The main idea of the project lies in two important ways.
First, for me personally, as for a designer — it is typography exercises in the morning, called me, as a creative charge. To the morning before work to wake up and make an interesting and hearty display of my attitude towards the morning, the letters and objects. This is my attitude towards the morning, you can quote the words of Joseph Brodsky «Man is what he loves. Because he likes it and that it is part of this ». My project — it is a kind of research, deep and contemplative study typography, through the prism of those around me.
Also, for my project 8:00 for further promotion and development, a corporate identity and souvenirs. It was invented by the original calendar for each day, as the main site for a demonstration of my project. Secondly, my every morning — this is a creative act designed to energize people of creative energy and that is what I want to say to the world. So every morning, it was good not only for me but for others. This is my project 8:00.
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