OLPC Sunday Adventures: XO-1 + Tinkertoys = Cantenna!!!
I've been playing with the idea of a Cantenna for the XO for about a month now. I finally had some time this Sunday to assemble a test model.

This is a cantenna and frame assembly constructed from:
1.) One cylinder Tinkertoys can with Tinkertoys
2.) Tin Foil
3.) A broken XO antenna

The result? A high powered, low cost directional antenna for an XO.


The original idea (and Tinkertoys) came up from the School-in-a-Box Jam in Manhattan at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN.org):

Some articles I used as reference:
and my home-town(ish) heros: www.seattlewireless.net/moin.cgi/DirectionalWaveguide
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