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Day 161: I promised to broadcast truth, not tolerance. | by *Seth
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Day 161: I promised to broadcast truth, not tolerance.

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Today was the first day (at least, that I know of) where I got laughed at for taking a 365. Here's how it went down:


I drive to the park because I really just don't feel like walking there today.

I get out, set up my tripod, and pose with the tv set.

These two blond hair skater looking dudes had just pulled up apparently while I was setting up and where now getting out right as I pressed the shutter. I noticed like right after I hit the shutter, and just stood there flustered as they stared at me trying to take a picture of myself. I messed up the pose horribly and could feel my face burning up out of general embarrassment. They were crossing the street and coming towards me so I just kind of quietly picked up my camera and tv and meekly crossed the street back to my car. I definitely saw them point and laugh, and I might have a heard a "What the f*** dude."


They continued on their merry little way on a trail into the park. They were heading to join a group. I know this, because I've taken photos at the park quite a bit and there's more than once been this group of kids there. I have no idea if they're a club or just friends that like to hang out but they're there pretty often. Maybe they're just the druggies or the alcoholics, I don't know. But these two guys were heading to join that group.


So anyway I kind of just stand by my car and am fiddling with stuff while they go by and once they're out of eyesight I just go down into the park (but the other side where they will be far away and not able to see me) and take some pictures there (this one included).


While I'm down there, I'm just kind of thinking of what I'd do if I could turn invisible and observe their group, or how I'd get back at them. And then I started remembering how I'm supposed to love everyone, bless those who curse you (not that they did that), but just the general idea.


And so while I was walking back to my car, it hit me that I had all my school supplies in there because they were like "TAKE IT HOME WE DON'T WANT IT AT SCHOOL OVER THE SUMMER." So I have a bunch of supplies, namely markers and notebooks.


So when I got there, to my car, I put away my camera and tv, dug out a notebook and a blue marker, and wrote a note. I walked over to their car, left it on the windshield, then went back to my car and drove away.


The note had my flickr URL, and "have a rad day, dudes."


I almost put a smiley face but I think that'd make me seem a bit gay. And I had already made a moron out of myself in front of them.


So anyway that's the story for today.

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Taken on June 10, 2009