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Horse Fly | Haematopota pluvialis | Female | by SequentialMacro
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Horse Fly | Haematopota pluvialis | Female

Hi Guys !!


As some of you may know, i have been searching for a Horse Fly in the UK for years now. Some of you won't understand why i was so happy when i found this fly and how excited i was to share it's beauty with you all !


Wednesday night as i relaxed on the couch after a long ride I heard my mum scream before telling me a fly was chasing her around the kitchen.

At first I thought the least of it as most flies just do laps of a room, but this fly was hovering close to the ground and was following my mum around the kitchen. At this point i had a feeling it was some kind of Robber fly or something like a Mosquito looking for food but on close examination when i saw those compound eyes i knew for sure i had a Horse Fly !


I took it up to my room and let it out the jar to hold it for a bit, stupidly. It bit me straight away so i put it back in the jar. Because of this i knew i also had a female - even better !

Females have this lovely wash of colour over their compound eyes and they have jaws like no other bug ready to sink them into your flesh to feed on blood which helps in egg fertilization or something...


I immediately got to work with the stack, cleaning her up before i did so as i wanted a clean stack with no little white bits, whatever they are. Unfortunately they can't be avoided without cleaning them with soapy water, something i didn't want to have to do.

After an hour of getting ready i began the stack and ended up with 402 images ready to stack and edit for later. I will be getting another photo of different angle, but this first one was to show you the eyes mainly as I couldn't get over how colourful they were. I showed my mum the fly also, its amazing how people don't appreciate the beauty in bugs, i believe that if they could see them this close all the time they would not squish them :o


For the setup i used Bellows, 3 sets of extension tubes and 4x microscope objective, she was quite a small fly as they have only just appeared and normally grow much bigger late summer - August.


This is a single stack, no separate stacks needed but touching up took a while and editing in Photoshop also to rid of shadows and dust which seemed to evolve during the photo-shoot annoyingly !


Anyway, hope you like it - more to come of this fly, and hopefully a male soon as i am seeing them all the time now :D Enjoy the week !


View large image here for more detail -

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Taken on June 29, 2012