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Wasp Portrait

Here's a stack of 207 images each taken with a 2 second exposure time at 100 ISO.

For this stack, i diffused the lamps with more paper to ensure no overly exposed bits came through. It was a fairly quick stack and the Wasp had been dead for days so unfortunately both of its feelers broke off when i re-positioned it... :/


I used the Bellows at 5cm and the 4x microscope objective for this shot as i didn't need a lot of magnification at all as the head was around 6mm in length.

Some unwanted fuzziness around the edge of the wasp but i couldn't help that as i used so many images it was bound to happen and editing them out would take me days on end, for now this is hopefully the best wasp stack i have done to date.


Because of the 207 images, you can view it on the original size and see a lot of detail, more so than i have been getting with my other photos.


Click here to view a larger image for more of the Detail on its face -


Hope you like it, got a spider image coming up soon, a whopping 2-3cm one, known as a wolf spider :-)


Comments and favorites are very much appreciated, have a scorching weekend everyone !

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Taken on May 26, 2012