Nebria bonellei - Ground Beetle

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    A Similar attempt on a Ground Beetle entitled
    'Ground Beetle - Abax parallelepipedus on a Rainbow' which you can view here -

    In this photo i used my CD/Blue Ray drive as the Stacking device, manually moving it back and forth to get the pictures i needed for the stack. It took me 60 - 70 images to get this amount of detail and focus, but it could have been better with more time.

    Light has always been a problem with Beetles but i did manage to over come this by decreasing the Light intensity to 1/16th and then counteracting this by decreasing shutter speed, thus letting more light in enabling more detail in the final outcome.

    Using my 'Helping Hands', which arrived last week, i placed them onto the cd drive which help the Beetle in place infront of the objective (4x + Bellows ) This allowed me access to move the motor backwards using my remote to take a photo each time without touching the camera body to by pass any blur for the slow shutter speed.

    If you wish to view on black click the photo, have a great week and keep busy guys, cheers !

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    1. bodulka 73 months ago | reply

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    2. dearAN .G 73 months ago | reply

      Nice macro!!

    3. bodulka 73 months ago | reply

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    4. ABERLIN2009 73 months ago | reply

      Wow thats some awesome shooting!!!!
      Beautiful work!!
      Congrats... Have a nice day&night...

    5. _papilio 73 months ago | reply

      Amazing, really great image!!!!! :)
      Wonderful lighting!

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    6. 23popstar87 [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

      wow great capture

    7. Milusa 72 months ago | reply

      Hi, The Spectacular Insects Group's XXII contest of the month of MAY "All kinds of beetles". This photo would be great for the contest. Read the rules!!!. Please consider posting this or another great photo at:

    8. SequentialMacro 72 months ago | reply

      Ludi Thanks Milusa, ill try and do a better one with my new setup, if not ill post this. :)

    9. InFocus98 71 months ago | reply

      Oh boy, from what I've seen in marco photography, you're the best in what you do. I think you're obsessed with marco and that's what makes you stand out of from crowd. Amazing

    10. warrencarl 71 months ago | reply

      outstanding and incredible, these are great..seeing things at such a magnified scale is eye opening..brilliant work

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