Amtrak Passenger Rail System

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    Presenting the latest in my series of transit-styled diagrams, the entire Amtrak passenger rail system in the style of a subway map. Surprisingly, I haven't seen another take on this anywhere else on the internet, but I guess it is a fairly monumental undertaking (Good thing I'm the patient type!). Every last station is shown, the result of a lot of research on both Amtrak's official site and Wikipedia. This version has all station names and route information listed.

    EDIT: November 26, 2012 - I've updated this map with the latest route and station information. Only minor changes: extended the Downeaster to Brunswick, Maine, added a second Santa Clara station (University) to the Capital Corridor route, a couple of stations dropped off the Keystone service, fixed a few timetabling errors and typos.

    EDIT: December 11, 2012: Another update to include the new Northeast Regional service to Norfolk, Virginia.

    EDIT: October 9, 2013: Update to the Pacific Surfliner route: deleted the Orange and Laguna Niguel stations; added Carlsbad Village, Carlsbad Poinsettia, Encinitas and Sorrento Valley stations. Removed Richmond from the Coast Starlight. Added Ardmore back to the Pennsylvanian route - Amtrak's site lists it as serving that line (it seems that it stops there only on Sundays).

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    1. diamond_d_777 46 months ago | reply

      Extremely well done, and much more helpful than the actual Amtrak website!

    2. Pippin Bear 46 months ago | reply

      Looks pretty good! Well done!

      The first thing that strikes me is that there isn't a lot of rail in the US - if this is all the stations in the US (and, I notice, parts of Canada), it's not surprising everyone has a car. On second thoughts, though, perhaps this is only long-distance intercity-style routes.

      I do have a couple of comments:

      For quite a while, I thought Chicago was missing its label. I was even going to send a message to that effect, but finally noticed the tiny little line and the call-out box just in time. It's rather non-obvious, though, IMO, and is the only station labelled that way on the map. The only other way I can think, though, involves making the station box bigger and either putting the label inside the station, or shuffling lines aside to open up a gap, perhaps between the W and LS lines, and put the label there.

      And finally, the lack of a coloured blob for the green, blue and purple lines at New York station makes me think those lines don't stop there, even though I know from the legend that it actually indicates that the lines do not terminate at the station. Is it even necessary to have a symbolic representation of whether the line goes through or stops there, when that can be seen from the line itself? The "terminusness" of a station isn't something I would have thought mattered to most people using the map.

      Overall, though, very nice work! It'd be nice if more places had sensible transport network diagrams - though I'm probably spoiled due to living in London. :)

    3. riffsyphon1024 46 months ago | reply

      : I think this is really all there is, save for the Bos-Wash Megalopolis and other larger metro areas. The large portions of the central area of the country are highly disserviced by a lack of rail infrastructure and this map is proof to that.

    4. TrackWalker 46 months ago | reply

      Well done, sir. Well done!

    5. Loco Steve 46 months ago | reply

      I haven't studied it fully .. you are to be commended for all the work you have put into it ...Hope you're hard work pays of for you Cameron..Well done Great idea.. Steve (B67hobo)

    6. sjb4photos 46 months ago | reply

      Cameron, this is a commendable undertaking, more painstaking than I would have the nerve for. Viewing at the original size really shows it off.

      Thisisbossi, transfers to the Mexican rail system are zilch, zip, nada, other than Copper Canyon railtours, which are essentially packaged tour operations. With that exception, Mexican intercity passenger service ceased to exist several years ago.

    7. army.arch 45 months ago | reply

      The original size is just amazing.

    8. eibonvale 45 months ago | reply

      It's a lovely map - very nicely done. i am from the UK and i always wanted to come over and ride some of the Amtrak routes - and this has rather reawakened my dream! I'd love to see a british railways map as good as this one! Though admittedly that would be about 50 times as complex!

    9. Simurgh 41 months ago | reply

      Can't barely see anything. Make a bigger size with actual readable text.

    10. Cameron Booth 41 months ago | reply

      @Simurgh, did you try viewing at Original Size? It's pretty easy to do. Try not to be so rude next time.

    11. golontrina 41 months ago | reply

      so many things i love about this. fantastic work!!

    12. jamimaria 38 months ago | reply

      Not only is this aestheticly pleasing, but it's also the most useful Amtrak map that I've ever seen. I want the poster, but I'd be more tempted to have one that I could fold up and keep as a reference. Love it!

    13. revebleu 38 months ago | reply

      San Diego's station is Santa Fe, not Union Station.

    14. Cameron Booth 38 months ago | reply



      "Union Station in San Diego, California, also known as the Santa Fe Depot..."

    15. unci_narynin 28 months ago | reply

      Thank you, this makes things so much clearer than what can be found on

    16. mpkoten 28 months ago | reply

      Bravo, CB. This is truly a labor of love.

    17. original_MikZ 27 months ago | reply

      Brilliant stuff!

      I note you've left off Caltrain, a sliver of a rail system on the San Francisco Peninsula, operated by Amtrak.

    18. army.arch 27 months ago | reply

      Caltrain was operated by Amtrak but technically was not part of the Amtrak system; regardless, in January Caltrain contracted with Transit America Services to run the commuter system.

    19. ep_jhu 25 months ago | reply

      This is very cool. Nicely done.

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