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baldacchino di san pietro

Press 'L' for the best view. Feel free to add notes.


Due to circumstance and poor planning :) I was only able to get off one shot of this and -- due to Vatican rules -- I wasn't able to use a tripod for it. If you've tried shooting inside St Peter's you'll appreciate what a difficult lighting situation it is. Anyway, this is a single, hand-held shot tonemapped with Photomatix. All tolled, I spent about four hours working on it, and given the source image, I'm more that pleased with the outcome.


More info on the Baldacchino di San Pietro here. Apparently at the time of construction it was the world's largest piece of bronze.


Side note: somewhere in that crowd is my very patient girlfriend, who never gives me grief for constantly stopping to take pictures.


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Taken on September 21, 2011