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Tagged again (well, actually, a while back), | by SemiCharmedLife (☯)
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Tagged again (well, actually, a while back),

This is way late - and the games have already changed. But I'm just catching up. I was tagged again (some time ago) by RushoRahman for 9 and sanpn'MJ for 16 more.


Better late than never, I have come up with 16 more random factoids for now and this may have to do the trick.


1.I take a lot of pictures and I am dissatisfied with most. But I have a hard time trashing them.


2.However, I can never trash even the worst family photos.


3.I indulge in way too much caffeine. And I wonder why I can’t fall asleep before two or three in the morning.


4.I enjoy looking at other people’s photos (obviously that’s what Flickr is all about). But I mean I really enjoy it. It’s almost a vicarious peek into the lives’ of others. BTW the Lives of Others is a great flick.


5.I’m amazed that my favorite bands (that in my mind have this huge following – because their music is so great) end up playing at small local clubs with a few dozen people. If I’d known that, I could have had them play at my wedding!


6.I am completely behind on the new cool emerging trends. I am always googling the latest acronym or whatnot that I see. I was totally out of the loop on the emerging Danbo craze.


7.When Flickr friends and contacts change their screen names and “buddy icon” it’s like a personal challenge to try to reconnect to who it was before; it keeps me on my toes.


8.I used to play bass in a local D.C (Washington) blues band. Stuff like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf, Willie Dixon, Elmore James, as well as George Clinton. I was way out of my league – the other musicians did it for an actual living and I did it badly for fun. My corporate coworkers NEVER showed up to any of my gigs. They wouldn’t have understood.


9.My pet peeve. Once you purchase the rights to a digital work (audio or visual) you shouldn’t have buy it again and again each time the medium improves, your kid destroys it, or it’s repackaged.


10.If I was a real musician or artist, I’d be totally against the above random fact.


11.Although I love the blues, and I like all music, my listening veers towards a wide swath of Alternative/Indie-Rock. A simple case of arrested development. However, there’s not too much I don’t like. The exception is commercial, deliberately mass audience targeted stuff.


12.The economy is starting to worry me. I haven’t stopped spending out of a foolish belief that if everyone stops spending, it will seriously tank in three days.


13.Someone gave me an old iPod loaded with music. I listened to it but I still worry about the bits tossed away because of lossy compression. I swear I can hear a difference.


14.I’m waiting for the day when audiophile versions of all the music I like is available for easy download at a reasonable price with no DRM (Digital Rights Management). Dream on.


15.I am completely jealous of the extremely photogenic who can take self portraits. I would be very cooperative with myself if I was.


16.I still can’t believe I’m the father of two wonderful boys. That completely blows my mind.


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Taken on January 4, 2009