Strawberry, Caramel and Dark Chocolate KitKats

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    Part of my KitKats set.

    My KitKat blog, where I cover these and more.

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    cc 2005 Eden Politte

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    1. cherryvega ages ago | reply

      Wow. The variety!

      Cherry xoxox

    2. Emily ages ago | reply

      They've got green tea ones in Japan, and ones with dark cocoa, but I haven't seen strawberry or caramel.

    3. selva ages ago | reply

      Green tea KitKats! Is there no end to the goodness??

    4. matt ages ago | reply

      There was also lemon ones with white chocolate when I was there - they made a brief appearence in the UK as well around December.

    5. Emily ages ago | reply

      Yep, the lemon ones are okay. The green tea ones taste like green tea-flavored white chocolate, and they were a real hit when I brought some home with me for Christmas.

      Flickr mail me your address, Selva, and I'll mail you some... around the same time I mail out my Round 1 Makingtapes CDs and Happy Thingie....

      So, yeah, it might not be right away. But still.

    6. leeharker [deleted] ages ago | reply

      The strawberry ones are really nice, you can get them on import in the UK* Rather pricey tho.

      * from CyberCandy - too damn close to my current office...

    7. Emily ages ago | reply

      Passionfruit KitKats have just come out in Japan; they're covered with dark chocolate. Their flavor reminds me of those whack 'em oranges (the chocolate ones what segment when you smash them against the wall). I brought some to a party last weekend, and the consensus was that they're "interesting," and not necessarily something anyone's itching to try again.

    8. selva ages ago | reply

      Ew! That sounds awful!

    9. styler* ages ago | reply

      i'm still a fan of mint kitkats, rather pedestrian i know, but yoiu can never go wrong with mint and chocolate

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