Fallout 3 Vaultsuit & Pipboy 3000
I spent about two months putting together a Fallout 3 vault-suit, including a scratch-built kinda-working PipBoy 3000.

This was originally for a work-mate's scifi-themed birthday-party, but I've also worn it to another suitably-themed party and club-night - I wonder how much more use I can get out of it this year :D

All solid bits were converted from the original game geometry, modified to make a buildable model, printed onto stiff paper using the program Pepakura, filled with expanding-foam, then painted.

The PipBoy's screen is an iPhone, with the headphone-socket outputting to an amplified speaker.

I made a (flickering, humming) video for the screen, which I can use to change between the health, apparel and radio screens.
The radio plays a couple of hits from Galaxy News Radio.

A friend has been working on an iPhone app to do the job better, but we couldn't get it to install the day before the party :(

The knob on the back of the hand actually works as a volume-control for the amplifier.

The curly cable at the wrist isn't in the game - I saw that on some of the concept-art and liked the look of it ;)

The geiger-counter and the front buttons are back-lit - a hidden switch sets which of the three buttons is lit.

My energy-weapons are not specifically Fallout-universe ones, but plausibly might be - I nearly built a Laser Rifle, but decided against it due to limited time and sanity.
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