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  1. me-graphy 34 months ago | reply

    beautifully captured :)

  2. Eve Livesey 34 months ago | reply

    This awesome picture was seen in
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  3. Eve Livesey 34 months ago | reply

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  4. Andy Brown (mrbuk1) 34 months ago | reply

    Very cool Rohan - I've got to admire the technical aspects of this shot from composition through to your processing skill. I read with interest your response to Noel's question regardind banding suppresion; you produce wonderfully clean images and it's interesting to see your response. I'm yet to try Lightroom but intend to soon.

    Vote on the way mate - good luck!

  5. :: arshad :: 34 months ago | reply

    done. best wishes :)

  6. mary_pl (account closed indefinitely) [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

    This awesome picture was seen in
    The Knight and his Princess!

    If you got 3 awards please post your photo here

    You have a very special picture in our group pool? Please enter our contest:
    "Top Photo of the Month" and post here

  7. .Rohan 34 months ago | reply

    Hi Andy, thanks for the invite and comment.

    I like most people, I assume, jumped on to Nik Silver Efex when it came out, I thought it was the key to bw processing and if I used that I would create amazing bw images. I then read an interview with Cole Thompson who uses 6 steps in PS only. No LR / Silver Efex / Topaz etc etc and then I met Michael Levin who also only uses PS. It was then I realised that obviously the software helps but its also how you use the software and I decided to study what I had better.

    So when I switched to Mac around the same time I decided against buying Silver Efex straight away and concentrated on LR and PS. Since then LR has become indespensable.

    LR is superb as a library, you can rate images, it holds up to 2500 images quite comfortably which you can scroll through to find images. I have 100s of tags, a new thing I learned and I just tick them on / off when I know I am ready to upload and they are there then for flickr, 500px and my website so I only do this once.

    Processing wise the gradients in LR are very smooth and very controllable. I sometimes have up to 15 / 20 of these on one image which can get a little confusing obviously, but the key thing is you can bounce the image across to PS and look at it use some layers etc tweak little things, do some cloning etc etc and then save it and it saves a new image in LR too. The original file is also saved with all the effects still there so if you have made a little mistake, you can undo tweak increase etc etc.

    I was so frustrated with Silver Efex and Burn edges, it was very one dimensional, this burns and dodges edges so to speak and any way you want. I know you can do it in PS as well but this took me a long time to get the hang of.

    I am very wary of the NR and Sharpening in LR, though I do like the vignette. I massively prefer the dual toning in Nik but dont use that anymore.

    One of the other things I really enjoy with LR is you have a small window and large window at the same time, you can undo this, I dont, so you can work at a close proximity and see the overrall effect at the same time which is perfect for gradients too.

    There is also a very useful function where you can set the crops you like, 1:1, 3:2, 2:1, 16:9, 3:1 etc etc so I flick between these and it crops real time, you can then push the sliders to stay in proportion or unlock, which is ridiculously helpful sometimes. Generally I have decided when I take the shot what proportion it is, but there can be times when I another proportion pops up and instead of working it out mathematically and setting size in PS this way is so easy.

    So basically I can only recommend it. Hope this helps

  8. marin.tomic 34 months ago | reply

    come back with cool photos! (not that I would doubt that...;)

  9. Knight Zeisy 34 months ago | reply


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  10. russ david 34 months ago | reply

    amazing b&w photo!!

  11. ...arpi... 34 months ago | reply

    all the best for your photo! will go over to the site to vote

  12. jbnuthatch 29 months ago | reply

    not sure what's goin' on here, that's why i like it so much!

  13. ROB KNIGHT photography 29 months ago | reply

    Superb use of light and strong bold lines, this must of been a real labour of love to get right in post processing to achieve your vision.

  14. michaelgmorrow 22 months ago | reply

    I do like lines and symmetry, beautiful :-)

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