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Fireworks over Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

I happened to be in Waikiki when they launched a few fireworks. I knew this ahead of time, so set up my camera on a tripod, on one of the small piers.


I wasn’t sure where the fireworks would launch, so I set a relatively wide angle on my zoom lens. Then, knowing that I’d need a long shutter time, I set my ISO to 100 (the lowest) and my Aperture to f/11. This seemed to work well.


I was in Manual mode, so experimented with changing the exposure time. If I had used Aperture priority, the camera would have selected it’s own shutter speed. If I had selected Shutter priority, the camera would have selected its own aperture.


I didn’t have my remote control with me, so I used the camera’s timer so that it took the shot 3 seconds after I hit the shutter release. This is important, because you want to avoid any shake in the camera, while it’s taking the photo.


One thing I learned with this shot, was that the best option was to manual focus to infinity. Using the auto focus didn’t work, because the camera would simply “hunt” for something to focus on–and it was too dark.


Then, I just kept hitting the shutter button and hoped that I’d get a shot like this. :-)


There was very little I did to the photo in Aperture. Pretty much cropped it and that was it!


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Taken on February 7, 2009