arne jacobsen, leo henriksen's round house, odden 1956

round house for leo henriksen, 1956.

architect: arne jacobsen, 1902-1971.


another UFO


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  • seier+seier 5y

    speaking of UFOs, did you see this great new short film, pixels by patrick jean ?
  • scleroplex 5y

    i just did!
  • Lynne's Lens 5y

    This is so beautiful!
  • seier+seier 5y

    I like how the huge brick chimney anchors the otherwise flimsy steel construction
  • Elias Gomez 5y

    Love the shape! Is the roof made of concrete?
  • seier+seier 5y

    nope, the roof is (I guess) a built up roof in steel and wood (with insulation), clad with roofing felt.

    my English is not too good when it comes to actual construction terms...
  • seier+seier 5y

    the whole construction is super lightweight
  • seier+seier 5y

    [deleted comment retrieved from google cache: 8.59 cc says: You comment your own images now? How does that work with Explore? :) ("Pixels" is one of the best things I've seen in a looooooong time. Much better than that ultimately failing Oscar winner last month. Just awesome. Although I'd worry about Mr Jean's survival chances should he visit the post-9/11 paranoid US of A with this particular film :)) ]

    you know, explore does not care much for badly lit jacobsen photos :)
  • Moxette 5y

    great house!
  • seier+seier 5y

  • Department of Delight 5y

    Where does the water go - I can't see any guttering. The roofs look quite flat but perhaps there's some imperceptible fall??
  • seier+seier 5y

    that is a good question! I have no idea where the water goes.

    I have just had a look at my jacobsen books and the house has no gutters or drain pipes. I am guessing that jacobsen made the roof perfectly flat and without any traditional detailing because you are looking down onto the house - the roof is almost a facade.
  • Department of Delight 5y

    Thanks for the research! I'm originally from New Zealand and there are many homes with what is termed 'leaky house syndrome' built in the last decade or two. As a consequence it is very difficult getting planning permission for things like flat roofs without monstrous consideration of weather proofing/correct falls/guttering systems/overflows/drainage etc. I often marvel at the longevity of many modernist buildings - perhaps they were more concerned with their creations than many of the modern day 'developers' who are after a quick dollar...
  • seier+seier 5y

    we had the same issues in the seventies and eighties with bad flat roofs - and with the same result, planning permission-wise. I don't think it is a bad thing - we see so much rain here, after all. I am guessing that areas of new zealand must be equally wet.

    now, how this little house is doing today, I cannot tell you because I don't know. I visited jacobsen's original clients here back in the 90's and they hadn't changed a thing since it was built. all the details, the kitchen, the paintwork (great colours inside), and the furniture was as jacobsen had left it and things looked fine.

    sometimes in smaller houses near the coast, such as this one, the wind simply blows the water off the roof and you don't see the same problems you would find with larger built-up roofs, but on the whole I think the modernist buildings - and even the masterpieces - have had their fair share of leaks :)
  • Department of Delight 5y

    We do have a high rain fall in NZ but some of the requirements now are particularly over the top. A culture of litigation developed (following the leaky problems) so local authorities in particular want to protect themselves.

    That's a good point about even the holy modernists getting it wrong! I guess it's unwise to uphold the masterpieces as perfect examples of building practice...
  • seier+seier 5y

    well, I have seen some recommended Swedish roof details that were completely over the top, so I think I know what you mean. it takes very little to ruin a house intended to be elegant.

    and a culture of litigation sound very destructive. thankfully, that hasn't arrived in copenhagen yet. I know they sue each other in germany all the time, what a terrible way to waste each other's lives.
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