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arne jacobsen, skodsborg strandvej 300, 1953-1956

villa rüthwen-jürgensen, skodsborg strandvej 300, skodsborg, denmark 1953-1956.

architect: arne jacobsen, 1902-1971.


for some reason it is more fun to upload photos the same day they are, one of arne jacobsen's largest villas, situated on the coast north of copenhagen, was open for inspection before being auctioned off following the bankruptcy of its former owner.


it has always been impossible to gain access to this piece of midcentury modern. I hurried up there with a bunch of colleagues, and the lawyers in charge of the estate were kind enough to let us in even though the skoda we arrived in made it quite obvious that we weren't buying: after all, the last known bid for the property was 55 million kroner, roughly 11 million US dollars...


jacobsen's 1956 villa is interesting and rather complex, combining the quirky angles of his early 50's projects with the cool international style of the following years. it has, however, been gutted and its new interior is not so much in bad taste as it is entirely out of scale with the delicate detailing of jacobsen. sadly, the same is true of the buildings added to the original house: they look as if they were built for people twice the size of jacobsen's clients.


in this and the following photos, I have attempted to portray aspects of the original building. the swimming pool and urns shown here are later additions.


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Taken on August 12, 2009