carlo scarpa, stairs at the palazzo steri entrance, palermo 1973-1978

restoration of palazzo steri for the university of palermo, palermo 1973-1998.

architects: roberto calandra, camillo filangeri, nino vicari, carlo scarpa (until his death in 1978).


stone stairs.


this photo was uploaded with a CC license and may be used free of charge and in any way you see fit. if possible, please name photographer "SEIER+SEIER". if not, don't.


the scarpa set.

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  • scleroplex PRO 3y

    oh my
  • Ben Lepley PRO 3y

    This is the first anti-Chinese political 'bot' I have come across outside right-wing american news article commentary.
  • scleroplex PRO 3y

  • seier+seier PRO 3y

    I would have deleted this, but you reply is too good, ben.
  • Ben Lepley PRO 3y

  • Z Alom Talukder 2y

    very good yahoo
  • seier+seier PRO 2y

    yes, very good yahoo
  • Sajid Khan 2y

    i m student of civil engg...plz send me name of this type of stairs
  • seier+seier PRO 2y

    I have absolutely no idea. I doubt they are legal in a public space today.
  • chris schroeer-heiermann PRO 2y

    try 'Samba Stairs' out for size.
  • seier+seier PRO 2y

    thanks, chris. you can almost see how that name came about.
  • scleroplex PRO 2y

    sashay stairs too :-)
  • dara syesa 2y

  • chris schroeer-heiermann PRO 2y

    Just not 'Do-si-so' stairs.
  • chris schroeer-heiermann PRO 2y

    I meant 'do-si-do'
  • chris schroeer-heiermann PRO 2y

    Which doesn't make it any funnier, I am afraid.
  • seier+seier PRO 2y

    I had to look it up, 'do-si-do'.

    wikipedia calls it a basic step in square dance. now I am picturing carlo scarpa doing square dance moves with corbusier and frank lloyd wright.

    I need to drink less coffee, I think.
  • chris schroeer-heiermann PRO 2y

    Those kinds of hallucinations tend to be caused by substances in a slightly different category than coffeine.
  • seier+seier PRO 2y

    it's coffee and a lack of sleep...
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